pat gonzalez


  • My family came here to the Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana in 1929. I was born and raised in Stevensville. My mom and dad raised us on our farm where dad grew sugar beets, hay and grains. We also milked dairy cows and raised pigs which gave us all plenty to do! I finished school in 1969, joined the Army, then came back home and started a career as a heavy equipment operator. I started out operating equipment in the logging industry, then worked in the construction and mining industries as an operator and manager. After that I started my own excavation company, doing mostly residential excavating. I then realized real estate was my passion.

    I have been in the real estate business since 2003. As a Real Estate Professional, I understand the entire process of a real estate transaction. I can help you find a home, sell your home, make an offer on a home, help you find buyers, and assist you with all the documents necessary to complete a Real Estate transaction.