Owning a home is a major financial responsibility. The Montana Board of Housing (MBOH) recommends that any potential homebuyer take Homebuyer Education before beginning the process of qualifying for a loan or searching for a home. Educated homeowners stay in their homes longer, take pride in their properties, and have one-third less foreclosures.

MBOH programs require homebuyer education unless they qualify for a waiver. The MBOH is a partner in the Montana Homeownership Network which is a group of non-profit, governmental and private sector agencies that specialize in first-time homebuyer services and loan products. Montana Homeownership Network members offer pre-purchase education and planning, so you can make the right choice in a home and a loan. All classes meet HUD requirements and are taught by National Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling Certified educators. Courses are at least 8 hours in length and are offered over the course of a full day or two-to-three evenings depending on the organization.

The website NeighborWorks Montana is a good place to find a service provider who offers homebuyer education classes, homebuyer counseling, budget and financial counseling.

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