Florence Montana

The park in Florence, Montana is one of the nicest in the valley, with lots of room for baseball, softball, soccer, and tennis. A new addition to the park is Hideout Mountain, a playground with lots of surprises. Florence also hosts a Renaissance Fair every other summer and has a Harvest Festival in the fall. Both events are locally sponsored and help develop a sense of community.

If you like walking, biking or riding; Florence has great trails. Along Highway 93 you can go north to Lolo onto Chief Looking Glass campground (on the Bitterroot River) or you can go south to Stevensville Bass Creek campground or Poker Joe river access. The Doug Vulcan trail runs from Florence to the Bitterroot River where the FWP maintains a river access. You can follow the Lewis and Clark trail where Clark and his men returned from Oregon in 1806 on the west side of the Bitterroot River.

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